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Need for Speed: Undercover




Has a Smart and Flexible A.I Mechanics That Gives a Very High Energy Action in Your Driving Experience

By Daren Garius

On Friday, June 20, 2014

Undercover is one of the amazing series of NFS. In spite of crushing criticism from the extensive world then, in the end, NFS: Undercover is still a reasonably decent game. This game has a silly story aside. This game already has the perfect ingredients for having a solid and very enjoyable gameplay that every player will surely love, although this game has unoriginal open world street racing game.

Most of the games of NFS series have always been easy for us to play, but with this NFS version, it is mostly designed for those players who want to win in races every time. The flexible AI in this game is designed to make sure that the other racers take a slow down every time you crash. Searching for a good racing game is very hard to find, but if you want and excellent cop’s chases and good highways situations then NFS: Undercover is perfect for you.


  • Has many cops chases scenes
  • It has a bigger map to explore


  • The A.I’s in this game is very easy to beat



take on jobs and defeat and get down an international syndicate

By Abraham Lincon

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016

this game has a very well set out mechanisms and cars are very fast you can speed with a speed like a lightning speed.There is the highway that you are driving on and you are not supposed to drive at very high speeds but now you have to do and even get the police chasing after you the reason you are doing this is because you are running to catch some criminals that are very well known internationally.There are circuits and other places to drive on and also not forgetting that you can play the role of a police officers and it is your duty to take down all those criminals.What was very intresting in this game you can steal cars and then deliver some packages that you ought to send and then win the race and guess what you have already achived your mission and you are ready to move on!


  • drive and catch some criminal gangs
  • play the role of a police officer


  • game is a bit repetitive in some areas



NFS Car Racing Game Returns to Its Roots with Extreme Cop Chases, and Solid Race Action

By Isay Almenanza

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NFS: Undercover is more fun than the other professional street racing games. I enjoyed playing this because the story was very interesting, and the running from the cops was totally fun and challenging because I have to think different ways to drive to try and to lose them. I found myself playing this game for hours on end to level up my rank in the game and of course to get more money, so I can get better cars. I also noticed that sometimes the gameplay is very repetitive, like you were going down the same roads over and over again. Moreover, the graphics of this game were excellent, and the soundtrack is good. In addition, most of the missions I played are fun. Also, the destroying another car mission is my favorite scene. In my opinion, if you love running from the cops and evading them in highway situations then this game is the right one for you.


  • Great online multiplayer and impressive car roster
  • Huge area to explore and plenty of cop chases


  • Slow motion sequences can be annoying




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for playing and spend time out of people bcause this days i'm so lonly because that i will going to use this program and by the way he is owsome

  • to have a good time and feeling wright arter workin hard along the week and many more reasons because i love this kind of game since i was young

  • To have good time and feeling wright arter workin hard along the week and many more reasons because l love this kind of game since I was young

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What similar programs have you used?
  • Cpu: Intel Pentium 4, 2.8GHz Ram: 1 GB Video Memory: 256 MB HDD: 5.5 GB Free Space Operating system: Windows Xp,7,Vista,8 NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER DOWNLOAD FREE FULL PC GAME INSTALLATION

  • need for speed hot porsuit i used that before but i want this one is better than the firsst one so please provide for us free games and codes.

  • I have used gametop, I also use bigfish it is my first time trying out here I don't know how this works but my grand sons really love to play on the computer

What do you like most about this program?
  • enjoying speed learning driving fast self confident and the best thing is driving famous cars bmc chlysler ioefseoi se oes, ies ,seo ose uos ,ueos

  • the driving of its cars because other need for speeds are too bad to drive and drift but this one is so cool and it has a very beautiful vinyls

  • cause is exciting is very nice perfect the graphics are good it contain more models of cars correct tracks beautiful features and nice editing

  • megusto all run Carerras q persiigan me play cops and I like cars polisia those of the races on the highway to see in the game all railway megusta

  • it's nice program and vey nice jeux beautiful game and grand thanks four societies xho crat this game need for speed:undercover demo thank you

Need For Speed: Undercover is a PC racing game you can download in which you have to get involved in illegal races to catch a band of car stealers. In NFS: Undercover’s demo take the wheel and drive around the city challenging others.

Following the plot style of action movies get into Tri City, a metropolitan area where the story is placed and overcome successfully different jobs in order to get the confidence of the syndicate. The game counts with the voice interpretation of some actors like Joshua Alba or Maggie Q.

Play as a police officer undercover, run away from the police and win the different urban races to beat the criminal organization. The better way to do that is to know the free scape roads and to be a skilled driver.

Open world

NFS: Undercover is an open world game. For example, Tri City is a large place with an extension over 170kms. Ride on your own and get your missions in a free way. Steal cars, deliver special packages and win a race, that’s all you need in the demo. But be careful, the cars have a damage bar, so don’t go too wild through the city when the police get behind you.

This PC franchise has turned more and more into a sandbox style car game, giving you the liberty necessary for investigating and discovering the city, which keeps some secrets.

Technical aspects

Graphically is a good PC game. It is not excellent in this matter but it is good enough for those who look for some action car game. The physics follows the guideline of the previous games and keep improving, but there is a long road to walk.

Need for Speed Undercover counts with a great soundtrack specially integrated for improving the action sensation depending on the situation. Bands like The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails or Ojos de Brujo put the sound in the game.

NFS: Undercover's gameplay

The PC game includes a car list over 60 cars, divided by the production origin: America, Europe and Japan. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, BMW M3 or Pontiac GTO will start their engines on your computer. The gameplay sometimes is pretty rough but you will adapt to it after a couple of races.

There are many alternatives to this demo. For instance, NFS Most Wanted is more an arcade game. If you want to try a better car simulator download BMW M3 Challenge, it offers a realistic feel of driving.

Need for Speed: Undercover Features

This popular racing video game has the following features:

  • New open world map with 109 miles of road
  • Four boroughs: Port Crescent, Sunset Hills, Palm Harbor and Gold Coast (all the boroughs set up Tri-City)
  • New “Highway Battle” mode
  • Four water crossings: the Main Guy Causeway, the Vale Causeway, the North T Causeway and the Memorial Tunnel
  • New continuous highway system
  • New color palette and improved “matte” paint
  • Keeps The Cooldown period
  • New police tactics like rolling road blocks, PIT maneuvers and spike strips
  • Huge police vehicles variety like city patrol cars, helicopters and federal pursuit cars among others
  • Returns the damage system
  • Enhanced graphics related to cars customization

You can read more information just clicking here


Need for Speed: Undercover is a good driving game with some action and an open world that the players will love.

  • Free demo
  • Easy to download and install
  • Variety of cars
  • Open world
  • Pretty easy